Unless something happens between now and then, I am presently scheduled to get my first vaccination shot for COVID 19, on Tuesday April 6th, with followup shot on the 27th.

I have been slowly growing more anxious to get this handled of the past few weeks. It seems like South Dakota has been having too many go to waste as not everyone eligible was filling in the supply, and it frustrated me that I couldn’t just step in to help. Originally I wasn’t eligible until May 2021. Thankfully South Dakota decided to move the schedule up.

I’m ready to be vaccine stabbed.

For literally everyone, it’s been a hell of a year. In too many ways, 2020 was no different for me. As you may recall, early on I got into a car collision that forced a surprise new car purchase for me. Thanks to pay out for the previous vehicle and other details that go into car collisions, as well as new intended car purchase, I only needed to borrow $5,500-ish for Ness.

At the end of the day, it was a three year loan payoff, which is perfectly understandable given the smaller end of total loan amount.

I will always be the first to tell anyone that I am extremely fortunate, especially in the face of 2020. I never had much warranted fear for my employment, and we actually flourished, all things considered. With it also being technically a “tech job”, it paid pretty well.

Between still steady employment, a much larger than expected tax return, and the March 2021 stimulus funding of $1400, I am able to very proudly say that I now fully own Ness, and have no further payments due on the vehicle.

I am fortunate to have been able to pay off that three year load in a hair over one calendar year. This is something I unspoken-ly wanted to achieve very much with my previous Honda Civic, but didn’t manage to reach. Now, amid everything going on, I get to achieve this time around, and look forward to holding the car title in my hand some day soon.

I have always been one who actively “attacks” debt, even when my financial output hasn’t always had Sunny days, so this is a real accomplishment in my mind, and I look forward to being able to pay off other smaller debt, or put that same money towards my future with retirement funding or similar.

I enjoy a good pun, and I have a liking for basic single purpose domains. Last night was no different.

I came across this tweet from Michell Frechette and in one of my “trademark” playfully snarky replies, I hit on a quick idea.

I’m not a big fan of web carousels, and there’s evidence out there that you really shouldn’t use them, at least not excessively


That said, I could handle the idea for this play of words. What about a web carousel…of fair carousels? The carousel of carousels. With that phrase stuck in my head, I also remembered the song “Wonder of Wonders” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

Thus, https://www.carouselofcarousels.com was born, with the carousel of carousel images, including the fore-mentioned Mary Poppins as well as some images of web carousels in the carousel, because why not.

Will it last for a long time? Who knows. Did I enjoy making the site on a spur of the moment idea? Yep.