I consider myself pretty fortunate in that I don’t usually have weeks that I feel need to post about, however it feels due this time around. I’m going to be sparse on specifics because it is all work related, and no need to betray confidences there.

Last week we had a parting of the ways with one of my coworkers, as he had put in his two week notice and everyone went on their way on good terms. However, they were not able to finish up all of the tasks that they started, despite best efforts. Due to this, the task of finishing these tasks up fell on my shoulders.

I’m not against that, by any means, but it still put me in a hard spot. I was knowledge transferred as best we could in the time provided, but in all reality, you’re never going to be able to “transfer” all knowledge needed for a given task. So I still lacked a lot of familiarity, especially around decisions made and previous conversations had for the tasks.

Take that, combine it with at least one of the tasks being WAY larger than anyone managed to anticipate, as well as trying to handle my own usual client workload, and I am just mentally drained right now. The worst part being is that I still don’t have most of the tasks over the proverbial finish line.

We also have a very contentious Presidential election going on right now, which is helping no one with any levels of anxiety and stress. I am both glad for the weekend, want it to never end, but also can’t wait for Tuesday when this damned election will finally be over regarding time to vote, and final tallies calculated. I seriously don’t want to be talked to, reminded about, or nudged regarding anything about voting for at least a week after Tuesday. I say that because you know, the 2024 election campaigning starts Wednesday…damn it.

I’m mentally tired, I’m generally physically tired, and I’m ready to just shut up and turn my brain off till at least Monday.

I would be an absolute liar if I said that a small, 5 track Spotify playlist hasn’t dominated my listening habits in August. I’ve long casually known of the movie Fright Night, having both seen it a handful of times, as well as having watched a making of documentary on it a year or two ago.

However, it was this Spotify playlist that really managed to catch my attention in ways that I can’t quite place.

Like I said, 5 tracks, that’s it, about 20min long, but I’ve listened to them all at least 29 times each, based on my Last.fm data

Screenshot of listening data from my Last.fm profile

Perhaps needless to say, it’s been on repeat a fair amount. Sadly, it’s not an entire soundtrack from the movie itself, but I’ll be darned if this isn’t burned into my brain as best songs.