Three to four years back I think, I came up with the idea of “The 25 Days of Scrooge”. Over time I came to realize that my favorite Christmas story is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. A classic tale to so many, and many would likely agree with me.

Due to its classic-ness, it’s been adapted to plays and movies and TV specials many times over since its first release. Surely there’s at least 25+ variations.

Thus “The 25 Days of Scrooge” was born. The idea being that every day, starting on December 1st, and ending on Christmas day, you watch at least one available version of the story.

I have never fully completed this challenge, because let’s be honest, that’s a LOT to go through and by the time you get to Christmas day, you’d probably be saying “Humbug!” to the idea of watching any more of the story. That said, I do hope to actually achieve this one year.

A year with a pandemic would probably serve as a pretty good chance, however I have also been extremely fortunate to have not had my day job affected, and I don’t always have the best time management skills, so it’d still be a challenge to get a viewing in every day. I would not be watching/listening while doing my job.

More typically, what I’ll do is focus and watch my favorite versions rather than enough to fill 25. Below are much of my favorites, in no specific order except the first one because the Muppets.

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