Hotwired (1994–1999) was the first commercial online magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. Although it was part of the print magazine Wired, Hotwired carried original content.[1]


I went and bought the surprisingly-to-me available domain name. I’m still mulling over what exactly to do with it, but I have already saved at least one copy of the site from like 1998 or so for the sake of honoring and borrowing from the original aesthetics that it had.

Despite the .tech TLD, it’s not going to be JUST technology. It’s probably not going to be full on magazine because that takes consistent/constant content updating and I just don’t have the ideas to fulfill that all the time. However, I would not mind having some satire on there of various sorts, among possibly many other things. May or may not mix in real or fictional things. Too early to say.

Very much borrowing what I can from the original, updating for 2021, and pushing forward in spirit. In fact, I’ve already created a bit of an SVG copy of their logo from at least one point in time.

2021 vector copy of original HotWired logo.
2021 copy of HotWired logo.

Let’s see what comes of this, shall we?

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