For literally everyone, it’s been a hell of a year. In too many ways, 2020 was no different for me. As you may recall, early on I got into a car collision that forced a surprise new car purchase for me. Thanks to pay out for the previous vehicle and other details that go into car collisions, as well as new intended car purchase, I only needed to borrow $5,500-ish for Ness.

At the end of the day, it was a three year loan payoff, which is perfectly understandable given the smaller end of total loan amount.

I will always be the first to tell anyone that I am extremely fortunate, especially in the face of 2020. I never had much warranted fear for my employment, and we actually flourished, all things considered. With it also being technically a “tech job”, it paid pretty well.

Between still steady employment, a much larger than expected tax return, and the March 2021 stimulus funding of $1400, I am able to very proudly say that I now fully own Ness, and have no further payments due on the vehicle.

I am fortunate to have been able to pay off that three year load in a hair over one calendar year. This is something I unspoken-ly wanted to achieve very much with my previous Honda Civic, but didn’t manage to reach. Now, amid everything going on, I get to achieve this time around, and look forward to holding the car title in my hand some day soon.

I have always been one who actively “attacks” debt, even when my financial output hasn’t always had Sunny days, so this is a real accomplishment in my mind, and I look forward to being able to pay off other smaller debt, or put that same money towards my future with retirement funding or similar.

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