Clue: The Storybook



On a bleak, rainy night, a strange dinner party is held at a gloomy mansion. The guests don’t know each other. They don’t even know their host. Why have they been called together? Who is the mysterious Mr. Boddy? No one has the answers, but before the evening is over, six people have been killed. Who is the murderer? Is it Miss Scarlet? Professor Plum? Mrs. White? Mr. Green? Mrs. Peacock? Colonel Mustard? Or did the butler do it?

This mystery isn’t like any other, because it has four solutions, so read carefully, follow the clues to CLUE, and choose the ending you like best.

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Reading duration: TBD to TBD

Rating: n/a star


Author: Ann Matthews, Johnathan Lynn, John Landis

ISBN13: 9780671618674 via Indiebound

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