I enjoy a good pun, and I have a liking for basic single purpose domains. Last night was no different.

I came across this tweet from Michell Frechette and in one of my “trademark” playfully snarky replies, I hit on a quick idea.

I’m not a big fan of web carousels, and there’s evidence out there that you really shouldn’t use them, at least not excessively


That said, I could handle the idea for this play of words. What about a web carousel…of fair carousels? The carousel of carousels. With that phrase stuck in my head, I also remembered the song “Wonder of Wonders” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

Thus, https://www.carouselofcarousels.com was born, with the carousel of carousel images, including the fore-mentioned Mary Poppins as well as some images of web carousels in the carousel, because why not.

Will it last for a long time? Who knows. Did I enjoy making the site on a spur of the moment idea? Yep.

Something I think I’d love to see more from bloggers, whether it be technical/web development, or just things in general about themselves, is publishing what they have in mind for ideas to write about.

For example, I’ve spent a little bit of time today trying to think of some topics I’d like to write about over on my Michaelbox.net web development blog. With that, I decided to also create a page that lists all my ideas at this point, and published it at https://michaelbox.net/writing-topics/. Lastly, I added it to my menu so that it can be more easily discovered.

If you visit that page, you’ll see rough ideas that don’t give away any meat n potatoes of the posts themselves, so there’s no ideas to “steal” outside of the topic itself. Heaven forbid people post and talk about the same things on their own websites, right?

Not sure I’m going to be able to do quite the same for my domain here which is a bit more free form and generalized about myself specifically, or things I consume/do. However, it would be awesome if I could. Then I could probably just keep extrapolating for all my active sites.

That said, I’d love it if others started doing the same thing, sharing what general ideas they are wanting to explore and write about, before they’ve actually drafted, and edited, and polished, and published.