I enjoy a good pun, and I have a liking for basic single purpose domains. Last night was no different.

I came across this tweet from Michell Frechette and in one of my “trademark” playfully snarky replies, I hit on a quick idea.

I’m not a big fan of web carousels, and there’s evidence out there that you really shouldn’t use them, at least not excessively


That said, I could handle the idea for this play of words. What about a web carousel…of fair carousels? The carousel of carousels. With that phrase stuck in my head, I also remembered the song “Wonder of Wonders” from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

Thus, https://www.carouselofcarousels.com was born, with the carousel of carousel images, including the fore-mentioned Mary Poppins as well as some images of web carousels in the carousel, because why not.

Will it last for a long time? Who knows. Did I enjoy making the site on a spur of the moment idea? Yep.

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