Last weekend, I accidentally dropped my phone as I was checking my physical mail. As one could expect, it had some newly created cracks. I cursed, I beat myself up for a moment, I checked how long I had until it was paid off. I went about my day.

About half a week later, I suddenly realized I had an even larger crack going up the left side. This was probably the most cracked I had ever made a phone. I’ve been extremely lucky and fortunate that I’ve been able to preserve so many for so long.

Tonight, I decided that I was going to stick with the phone for the foreseeable future. Being able to go in and get a replacement in the near future, probably no real questions asked, is a technophilic luxury that I have. I could sit and stare at the cracks and go “Eww! this needs replaced” while many would mull over exactly what they’d do to get their own in the exact same condition.

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