Muppet Christmas Carol will forever hold place in #1 in my heart for “A Christmas Carol” adaptations. The 1951 version, named “Scrooge” is a very strong contender for #2. This is in part because I bonded with my mother over it, specifically from a scene near the end of the movie.

In case you’ve never seen it, it stars Alastair Sim in the titular role of Ebeneezer. Towards the end of the story, for some very odd reason exclusive to this film, the Ebeneezer character does a handstand on a chair and “exposes his nether regions” to his maid. The maid comically has her skirt blown up over her face as she runs off screen, shielding her from the exposure to Ebeneezer that she received.

For whatever reason, this amused my mom, and thus influenced me to be amused as well. I have zero complaints. It’s a good fun moment.

It definitely does NOT hinder the ranking of this version of the story in my overall rankings, and really helps cement it at a solid #2.

That said, I will dare say every rendition of “A Christmas Carol”, even the “worst”, have other movies that are worse than them, and thus deserve to exist.

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