I mostly just wanted to gather up all the domains I have as of late and describe their purposes or long term intended purposes or ideas for each

In no particular order

  1. https://michaelbox.net
  2. https://apiratelifefor.me
  3. https://achooandthesneezes.com
  4. https://trexthepirate.com
  5. https://trexthepirate.com/thinthemichael
  6. https://www.digitalgarden.tech
  7. https://www.hotwired.tech/
  8. https://tilde.club/~tw2113/
  9. https://www.searchbyned.com
  10. https://www.spagnola.me
  11. https://www.carouselofcarousels.com
  12. https://tw2113.blog
  13. https://upallnightmovies.com


Out of all of them, this is the one I’ve owned the longest and is probably my most career-orientated one too. Its long term intent is going to be my web development based postings with tutorials, articles, editorials, interviews and whatnot. Easily the one that I’d put the most “findability” work into regarding things like SEO and marketing.

A Pirate Life For Me

This domain here, is kind of a free-for-all of content, posting generally whatever I want. Perhaps an epitome of “personal blog” about me, myself, and I. It’s also the collection point of personal data like my reading habits and book tracking, for a while I was collecting coffee shop checkins, Tumblr archive import, music that I felt needed shared, eventually I’ll do more with my years of Fitbit data, and other “data ownership” things.

Achoo and the Sneezes

Achoo and the Sneezes as a name came as a joke in late college, in the form of a fictional band. It eventually made it onto all my mix CDs back when I could only listen to CD based music or radio in my car. Since then though, I turned it into my dedicated writing site, where I try to focus on discussion about what I’m reading, and more specifically creative works that I’d like to do more with. Has not panned out THAT much thus far, but I have the space available.

T-Rex The Pirate

This is likely the second oldest domain and the base domain is kind of a web development “playground” of sorts with more items available than actually listed. It hosts my link shortener, analytics, and some other things that don’t pertain to being public. Except for the item below

T-Rex The Pirate – Thin The Michael

Probably more accurately named “Fit The Michael” but I don’t want to bother with domain changes. This would be my fitness blog where I focus on related topics, discussion, and thingies all related to personal fitness. I haven’t gone TOO far into the topic there, but I also intend it to be where I go when talking about one’s mental health as well, not just physical.

Digital Garden

While “A Pirate Life For Me” is a general topic destination, Digital Garden is a “whatever I want” destination. There is no real rhyme or reason for what’s posted there, it’s just seedlings, and notes, and content, and thoughts and essays, and whatever. The idea is to groom and tend to them and grow them and plant more, and till, and everything with it all. There really are no rules, and it’s not a blog by any means even though it’s most definitely powered by WordPress.

Hot Wired

Hot Wired is my foray into a mixture of retro web and potentially satire. It’s thus far very heavily modeled after the mid 90s online magazine of the same name, from Wired Magazine. I’m not making it pretty, I’m not making it complex, it works quite well on mobile because of that as pointed out by someone last night. I’m very much trying to think 90s with it where possible, even though I didn’t get online until 1997. I say potentially satire because I’m eying making the content web development/technology/modern web based, but sarcastic/satire/not serious. A good chance to flex some creative muscle without delving into creative fiction necessarily. Also thinking about making it a routine thing where I have legitimate deadlines and treating it like it’s an actual annual magazine.

Tilde Club

This is a very basic 1-2 page website that is my entry into the Tilde Club, a webring. It’s never going to amount to much, but I had fun putting up the content that’s there, and maybe in the future I’ll keep evolving it little by little. I just wanted the participation ribbon.

Search By Ned

Ned is my personal trainer who I work with usually three times a week. One session we somehow got to joking around about websites and something, and somehow I went home with the idea of a custom frontend to a web search. I knew it was possible, so the real work was making it work, and branding the website. His training brand is “Body by Ned” so “Search by Ned” was a no brainer. Get a search field, ala google.com, type in a query, hit submit. It googles for you. Alternative version works for DuckDuckGo. Gif images around the fields added afterwards just for some gym humor


On the heels of the Search By Ned search page, I also ended up creating the same thing for internet personality Ali Spagnola. Same features of Google/DuckDuckGo variations, but she doesn’t get a bunch of gifs.

Amusement had by all

Carousel of Carousels

Really just a one off site that I blogged about at https://apiratelifefor.me/round-and-round/. I am not sure I’ll renew when it comes time to, but it amused me for a week


I signed up for micro.blog, an alternative of sorts to Twitter, though not, and more robust, and smaller community. It’s kind of hard to describe exactly what micro.blog is, but it’s tied in with the IndieWeb community, so I had to do something. I wanted a .blog domain, and tw2113 is almost never taken, so I got the domain itself, and tied them together. Sometimes I even post there.

Up All Night Movies

For a long time, I’ve been a fan of proverbial “bad” movies. Those movies that are very campy, very cult following, and just plain awful. I also have some generally fond memories of USA Network’s series “USA Up All Night in the early and mid 90s. Lastly, at some point in my life, I came across a blog named House of Self-Indulgence and was always kind of fascinated by it. Thus, “Up All Night Movies” became a thing. It’s my attempt to mash up my love of those movies of yesteryear, and combine it with my own takes of review and lambast and heckling and satire. Add in the fact that right from the start I decided to let readers choose the movies I cover, it should be an interesting time.

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