It’s no real secret that I’m a Mozilla fanboy, so I have zero hesitation to share this post from Mozilla about reducing digital carbon footprint.

I won’t claim being anywhere near perfect on the digital carbon footprint side, but it never hurts to take even the baby steps needed to begin.

I haven’t signed up quite yet, but this site/service is intriguing as well

Jan-Lukas Else has a good amount of valid points for why you and your website SHOULD have and support RSS feeds, after his own website got shared on HackerNews

Particularly hitting is this snippet which I wholly agree with:

Nowadays Twitter or Facebook often replace feed readers. But unlike feed readers, Twitter or Facebook analyze your behaviour and filter the content they show to you. Instead of delivering you information, they try to maximize the time you spend on their site to show more ads and earn more money.

You can read the whole thing over at . It’s really quick post.