In zero ways do I consider myself a tree hugger or any other sort of “hardcore environmentalist” label. Despite that detail though, I did sign up for an account over at tonight, to at least contribute in what little ways I can to help offset what human contributions we are making to the climate.

You can find my profile over at I must still give a hat tip to Phil Sturgeon who had already signed up for the service, and tipped me off about it when I noticed his profile link on his website. As with all “small transactions”, I figure there are worse things I can spend $6 USD on, in a given month, than helping plant trees and offsetting carbon footprints. Hopefully you will consider doing so as well.



Hi, my name isn’t Rob Gordon, and I don’t own Championship Vinyl. However, if you were to ask me “Top 5 records with the best first 4 tracks”, I would have to heavily consider “California Nights” by Best Coast to be in that list. The album starts off with “Feeling OK”, followed by “Fine Without You”, “Heaven Sent”, and “In My Eyes”, and I’ll be damned if that isn’t a hell of a way to kick off an album. To be fair, despite the upbeat-ness of many of the tracks, it’s apparent that someone broke Bethany Cosentino‘s heart and the lyrical theme of heartbreak permeates throughout the entire album.

Below are youtube videos, where possible for each of the four songs. Enjoy.