Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick— And How to Get Better

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Your spinach smoothie might be making you sick. But there’s good news: You can safely reverse your load of oxalates –the chemical toxins produced by many plants– and discover vibrant health.

After suffering for decades from chronic joint inflammation and other problems, Sally Norton, MPH, discovered that the culprits –oxalates– were hiding within her healthy, organic vegetarian diet. She now works with clients to safely reverse their oxalate load and shares their surprising stories in this book. Oxalates most famously cause kidney stones, but they are also behind gut problems, chronic pain, joint pain, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, mineral deficiency, sleep disorders, osteoporosis, fatigue, and brain fog.

Modern diets, especially ones that are gluten-free, keto, or plant-heavy, tend to be overloaded with oxalates; in fact, commonly touted nutritional superstars like spinach, sweet potatoes, turmeric, chia seeds, berries, and almonds are especially high in the toxin. Norton believes that most of us would enjoy better lifelong health with less oxalate in our food. Shining light on what might be nothing short of a hidden and mounting epidemic, Toxic Superfoods offers solutions where none have existed before, showing how to identify whether you have a problem and offering a research-backed plan with key supplementation for safely reversing your oxalate load.

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Author: Sally K. Norton MPH

ISBN13: 9780593139585 via Indiebound

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