The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book: The complete guide to optimizing Keto for a better quality of life

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Unlock the power of nutrition and fitness with this groundbreaking book! Simplify your approach to health by harnessing proven tools for success. This book is more than just advice – it’s a blueprint for enhancing your everyday life. A collection of information from over ten years of health and fitness coaching that you can use to improve your success following a Ketogenic lifestyle.

This book is more than eat this; don’t eat that. It’s a definitive guide to proper mindset, understanding what health is, and practical steps to achieve your best life.”There are things in this book that will be different from anything you’ve ever heard. That’s good. Everything you know and everything you’ve done to this point is why you’re looking for help. It’s time for something new.”

There are many ways that people follow a Ketogenic lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people struggle with stalls and plateaus because they are missing some key aspects and nuance of how the lifestyle works best. The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book provides that information and will help you make progress and reach levels of health and fitness you never thought possible.

This book is a Must Read if…

  • You are stuck or stalled in your progress
  • You are looking for a way to make following Keto more simple
  • You’re tired of losing the same pounds over and over again
  • You wonder what happens AFTER you reach your goal weight
  • You’ve lost some weight but want to increase your physical activity
  • You have an injury and you’re not sure if working out is even an option



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Author: Bronson Dant

ISBN13: 9798440950061 via Indiebound

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